Wisdom of Jade

Image by Enrique Dans

I find myself wondering if some of the grey and jaded are not simply stubborn but, possess some revelations of wisdom that they care not to explain nor recollect. Something that cannot be taught, only gleaned through experience. It is known that learning a truth can forever change one for the better. It can open the doors of the mind, unveiling wonders previously hidden. But, if it is an unwanted truth -something you wish to reject out of hope or desperation, could it cast a shadow so dark it would permanently dim one's light?

I wonder if these seemingly cold, antisocial people have learned something they cannot unlearn. If they see aspects of the world in such a clarity they wish they could blur. Something so jarring that their previous perceptions were shattered. Surely, since there are people who have come to see the light hidden within the darkness, there are those who have laid eyes upon darkness sheltered in the light.

So is that all these people are jaded hermits or that we are oblivious to a harrowing truth.
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