Entry 1: The Spark

Game Development Diary for Project Lilu by Kym Pressley
The first challenge of game development is coming up with an idea you want to stick with, the spark. For some people, coming up with ideas on the spot is difficult. But, I'm the type of person that has ideas constantly racing through my mind. The challenge for me was picking limiting the number to a viable few.

Just any idea won't do. There's that fine line between the freedom of artistic creativity and client demand. It's difficult to balance between an idea that will sell and idea you can fully put your heart behind.

The method that helped me most was seeing which idea I could grow organically in my mind. It didn't matter if it was a game play mechanic, a visual concept, musical theme or something arbitrary like the way a character walked. As long as the idea could take off and flesh out, I'd consider it.

Even after this, I still needed to filter down some things. That lead to one of the best techniques I know of, false starts. A false start when you try out an idea without the expectation of it succeeding. The point is to see where it leads and feel it out. This gives you much more insight than just picking blindly or off of an assumption. After more than a couple of rounds of this, I found my spark. I had a solid place to start.

Next step, growing the idea into a viable game.
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