Entry 2: Building on the Concept

Once I had my idea, I initially thought building it into a good game idea would be easy; I was wrong. Building the idea is complicated because you have to manage a delicate balance of multiple facets even before you get to designing the actual gameplay aspects. Some of these include, potential monetization, popular appeal and creative freedom of the developers.

One would think that monetization and popular appeal would go hand and hand, not necessarily. A common method is micro transactions within the game. However, this is not all that appealing to the populous - often because of the device where the rewards gained from paying far outweigh the spoils of hard work. For those that don't mind paying small increments at first, I've heard many flame and rant as more and more items are introduced and other times go on sale after they purchased. Ads are another way of monetization but I don't think I need to explain why these can detract from popular appeal.

Popular appeal is highly complex. It relies on the psychology of the audience you're trying to reach, their specific likes, current trends, visual appeal, gameplay systems and so much more. It's really hard to accurately predict how popular your idea will be. Even making near clones to a massively popular game can reap more than a 90 percent decline in individual users over the original.

Creative freedom has always been an issue for creators of every type of media. While you want to make your game profitable, you also want to make the creation you love. Often in gaming, you have to make compromises to not only be appealing to players but, you'll often run into timelines and budget limitation which cause you to limit what you can and cannot do. Sometimes, the compromises aren't easy and sometimes you'll even miss the mark. You often see this with pushed deadlines, games released immediately with DLC or missing features to be patched in later.

I have a pretty good feeling that I've created a nice blend however, I'm implementing a loose iterative process that'll allow for moderate changes for the early segments of development.
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